Reggie Watkins: One For Miles, One For Maynard

Trombonist Reggie Watkins gives homage to two sui generis horn players here, as tunes associated with Miles Davis and Maynard Ferguson are teamed up with some bopping originals. Watkins along with Matt Parker/ts-ss, Rick Matt/ts-ss-bs, Ian Gordon/tp, Howard Alexander III/p, Jeff Grubbs/b, David Throckmorton/dr ,  Carmelo Torres/perc  and other cameo stars create a wonderfully wicked  and sly take of Davis’ “Shhh” that slinks to perfection. The extroverted, funky and brassy “Chala Nata” celebrates all things Maynard while rich textures are in abundance on the intriguing reading of McCoy Tyner’s “COnemplation.” Parker delivers a thick solo on the Tyner piece and also contributes some finger popping charts, as Alexander’s piano skips on “I Can’t Help It” and the whole band grooves on “Full Sun.” Besides sounding brilliant on the ‘bone Watkins puts his pen to work on the gently percussive “Expecting You” and the solidly driving “Hurdles” that leaps to the finish line. Hard bop heaven!

Corona Music

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