Paul Bollenback: Portraits in Space and Time

Guitarist Paul Bollenback joins together with Joseph Lepore/b and Rogerio Boccato/dr for a session that attempts to  emulate how “the trio would play a gig, going from song to song with all the segues improvised on the spot.” The fresh and spontaneous feel lends much to the music, and doesn’t detract from cool toned originals such as “Homecoming” and “Swingin’ at Capones” with the leader on electric guitar, weaving in and around the band mates. On acoustic guitar, there are intimate delicacies awaiting on “Dance of Hands” as Lepore displays his artistry and “Little Island” which has the trio working out a hip little samba. Comfy like 10 year old Bass Weejuns.

Marimba Jazz

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