Joe Ferrara: The Tiger Walks Through My Dreams

Wanna know what a modern Rat Packer sounds like? Step right up and give a listen to Joe Ferrara, who gives Tom Jones a run for the money in terms of macho pop song delivery. From the opening POW of “How Can It Be” Ferrara’s strong voice fronts a cataclysmic rhythm team and Vegas Strip horn section that is guts and glory. Dramatic tunes such as “All The World Is Green” feel like the spotlight is right on the money, and if you want a moody atmosphere, pullup your collare and take in “Dial-a Cliché’”. A mix of Brazil and Sinatra at the Sands is felt on a grabbing “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” and Ferrara loosens  his tie and goes Cubano on “The Big  Hunt” that has all the flair of a street party. Cigarettes with no filter here, gents!

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