COZY LADIES! Cyrille Aimee: It’s A Good Day, Kelley Suttenfield/Tony Romano: Among the Stars

Here’s a  pair of vocalists that keep it light, fun and simple.

Cyrille Aimee teams up with Adrien Moignard/g, Guilherme Monteiro/g, Michael Valearu/g, Sak Anning/b and Rajiv Jayaweerd/dr for a lighthearted deliver some Bohemian swing. Aimee has a winsome, optimistic and relaxed delivery and it works well with the sweet “Twenty Eight,” the Django-ish take of “Where Or When” and relaxed “Nuil Blanche” that has her singing in French with Anning. Along with her lithe lines, she’s also able to put on the heat as she shows on the frenetically frenzied “Love Me Or Leave” and the wordless bopper “Tricotism.” She has a wry way of delivering that just holds back, making you want more. Funtastic!

Kelley Suttenfield has more of a wispy warmth, and mixes it well with the classical guitar of Tony Romano on this gentle mix of standards and Baby Boomer tunes. She sounds dreamy on “Wash Me Clean,” folksy on “Harvest Moon” and convincing on “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight.” Romano’s guitar delivers some evocative intros on ”People Will Say We’re In Love” and “ Until It’s Time For You to Go,” setting the stage for well thought vocalizing by the fireplace. Crystalline as a night out on the John Muir Trail.


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