Rotem Sivan Trio: For Emotional Use Only

Quiet echoes of Jim Hall are felt on this delicate and subtle release by guitarist Rotem Sivan and his team of Haggai Cohen Milo/b and Mark McLean/dr as they deliver gentle moods on this collection of originals minus one. Nimble bop is felt on “Sefi’s Blues” and the serenely rippling “Blossom” where soft mixtures of guitar, strings and brushes whisper melodies and rhythms. Subdued yet restless undertones are felt on the interludes that connect spacious and understated dynamics on “A Dream Is a Wish Your Hearts Makes” while McLEan’s brushes sashay on “Useless Landscape.” Leaning towards a mix of modern jazz and ambience, Sivan and company draws you in by speaking softly.

Fresh Sound New Talent Records

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