Rodrigo Y Gabriela: 9 Dead Alive

For their first studio disc of original material in quite some time, the team of Rodrigo y Gabriela unplug from their high voltage concert sounds and go acoustic on this thrilling new release. Dramatic rhythms and flashy solos are still in abundance, but all without any plugging in this time around. Delicate yet danceable interplay is available on tunes such as “La Salle Des Pas Peraus” and deft finger work is on display on “Somnium.” Marching tempos mix with fretful flair on “The Soundmaker” and assertive yet lyrical picking bounces off the guitars on “Sunday Nerusis.” Bluesy chords meld with drama on the percussive “Torito” and passionate romance is gently revealed on  “Megapolis.” Dynamism and deftness defines this workshop for guitarists.

Ato Records

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