Barbara Morrison: I Love You, Yes I Do

Just like with preachers, some deliver because they’ve gone to school, others because they’ve seen the Burning Bush. LA veteran Barbara Morrison has the instincts of Moses and Elijah here in both song selection and delivery with a team of compatriots consisting of Stuart Elser/p, Richard Simon/b, Lee Spath/dr and the indefatigably smoky tenor sax of Houston Person. She sounds just so comfy and cozy, while Person lights the fire place on “Trust In Me” that you almost forget you’re listening to a song, and not just taking in a sunset. The subtle cool swing  “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” can only come from a pitcher who’s been in bases loaded situations before, while the nifty call of bringing in a C&W bass lick on “Canadian Sunset” is as delectable as a dark chocolate treat with sea salt. A touch of Baby Boomer comes up with a timeless take of The Beatles’ “And I Love Him” and as with all things Morrison, she sounds most at home on the blues, and she paints with a Dunne Edwards coat of it on “Blow Top Blues.” Many aspire-few attain.

Savant Records


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