Audrey Martin: Living Room

Vocalist Audrey Martin plays it smart here by presenting songs that aren’t part of the usual repertoire. Her sweet and attractively nasally voice has a trumpet quality that adds a bopping feel to here selections of songs, ranging from the strutting “Living Room” by Abbey Lincoln to the stark take of Joni Mitchell’s “Blue.” She has a feel for 70s folkies, as she also handles well a couple tunes by Laura Nyro, the fragile “Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp” and the delicately confessional “I Never Meant to Hurt You.” All throughout, the tasty piano and keyboards by Larry Dunlap, particularly where he’s featured on “Meaning of the Blues.” She creates a very bohemian mood with Mary Fettig/s clarinet on “April in Paris” and goes a little Coltrane-ish with Fettig’s soprano on “My Favorite Things.” She always seems in control and confident on this classy session.

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