Oz Noy: Twisted Blues Vol. 2

If you’re thing is blues/rock, and you liked Volume 1 by the Strat bearing guitarist, you’ll LOVE this followup release. He teams up with artists ranging from Chick Corea (!)/p, /orgJohn Medeskiand Eric Johnson/g as well as Will Lee/b and Dave Weckl/dr for a healthy number of tunes. The jazz standard “Freedom Jazz Dance” is delivered with a funky back beat, and Jimi Hendrix gets a nod of inspiration on the powerful “Just Groove Me.” Back porch blues a la Reverend Gary Davis opens things up with a relentless “You Dig” and the B3 burns out its tubes on “ Rhumba Tumba.” Shuffling and boogying is the name of the game as well, as Noy makes the walls vibrate on “Get Down” and “Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down.” Fun on the frets is all over the place on this delivery from six stringed Fender heaven.


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