JC Sanford Orchestra: Views from the Inside

Composer and trombonist JC Sanford leads a jazz orchestra through a collection of sophisticated pieces that mix the harmonies and rhythms of modern classical with the gestalt of jazz. A combination of strings, electronics and other things normally associated with philharmonics joint together with saxes, trumpets and percussion. At times, hints of Gil Evans-inspired harmonies and moods permeate through as on “2nd & 7th” while various moods range from eerie to melancholy on “Views From the Inside” whee Ben Kono’s clarinets, Will Martina’s cello and Chris Komer/s F horn go up against Satoshi’s Takeishi’s percussion for fifteen minutes. Film nourish reeds on ”An Attempt at Serenity”  and angular joints on ”Your Word Alone” veer towards 21st Century classical, while a bluesy “Robins In Snow” and an attractively edgy “Sky. Good.” mix the two genres successfully, with some exciting vibes and percussion on the latter. High on the grey matter

Whirlwind Recordings


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