B.B. King: The Life of Riley

No one has heard or played modern blues without being influenced by guitarist/singer BB King, and this two hour documentary goes into both rich overview and glorious detail into the life, style and career/impact of Riley B. King, who grew up dirt poor, and turned into one of America’s icons by hard work and hard travelling, living the life of the blues.

Well narrated by Morgan Freeman and including interviews with everyone ranging from John Mayall, Peter Green, Eric Clapton,Buddy Guy, Ringo Starr and Bono (did we REALLY need a cameo by President Obama? He’s giving US the blues!), the film has King taking you on a tour of his original stomping grounds where he learned to drive a tractor, and how his family members and mentors shaped him into the man he has become. What comes out more than anything else on this inspiring film is what is repeated over and over-it’s not p laying the notes as much as FEELING them. A collection of film from a gig at Royal Albert Hall along with extended interviews of the people in the film are parts of the bonus extras. The real bonus, though, is the inspiring life that King has had, simply by the grace of God.

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