Vincent Poag: For The Girls

Decades ago singer/songwriters like Vincent Poag were as ubiquitous as Foto Mats (how’s THAT for dating yourself?) but in this day of specialization, are now as rare as camera film. He’s got a voice and style that gives hints of a folksy Billy Joel, John Renbourn, Leo Sayer and even a dash of early Cat Stevens here in music that touches on American folk, blues, jazz and the Crescent City.

Back porch cozy folk tunes like “45 Mile an Hour Girl” and “Once Upon a Time” mix clever lyrics with a backing team of guitars, dobro, mandolin, fiddle and piano, while reeds and brass are included on the intriguing “Waiting For Me” and “Scarlett and Me.” A Caribbean inflected “For the Girls” and a Bourbon Streetish “New Orleans” add a bit of atmosphere, but the mood created by “Wonder” and “Only Love” are attractive in their simplicity. Give this guy an ear.

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