****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Freddie Bryant: Dreamscape-Solo, Duo, Trio

Here’s a winner that you can take to the bank. Freddie Bryant takes four types of guitars, ranging from 12 string to arch top, to electric and nylon, and then mixes and matches with Chris Potter/bcl-ts-ss, Scott Colley/b and guests Beatrice Rippy/sop and Carroll Hollister/p for some of the most sublime and lovely music you’re going to come across. Bryant’s 12 string meets with Potter’s soprano and Colley’s bass on a thoughtful title track, and then his arch top guitar does fretful wonders with Monk’s “Ask Me Now”  Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man” and Mingus’ “Goodbye Porkpie Hat.” His nylon string work on Charlie Haden’s “Fantasia” is a sonic wonder, while he melds with Potter’s bass clarinet on  “I’m Going to Tell God All My Troubles” and like peanut butter and jelly. His work on electric guitar is Herb Ellis sleek, with some gorgeously understated phrasing on””Vignette #2” and “Everyday…” and his nylons have no run in them on a sensuous “Estate.” This is a joy to behold.

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