Henrik Otto Donner & TUMO: And It Happened…

Want some fresh and exciting big band charts? Here’s some from a guy you may never have even heard of before. Scandinavian Henrik Otto Donner (1939-2013) was a well known composer in his own country. This collection of his writings is performed by a jazz orchestra that included Donner’s conduction of the strings, along with Juhani Aaltonen on woodwinds and Johanna Iivanainen’s vocals. The pieces are mostly divided into concise pieces with vocals such as “Close Your Eyes” and “The First Summer” and longer charts such as “Have Me, Hold Me” and the title track. The instrumentals feature some impressive tenor work by Aaltonen with charts that include exciting brass harmonies and various direction. Aatonen’s airy flute caresses Iivanaainen’s voice on “These Are The Days” while the strings add a rich honey hue to the framework. Excellent outing.

TUM Records


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