Iain Matthews: The Art Of Obscurity

Singer/songwriter Iain Matthews claims that this album, his first in 15 years, will be his last solo venture. Maybe someone can talk him out of it-he’s got a great style and delivery that is missing in this age of attitude and image over substance.  His voice has never sounded  better, and he brings together Bradley Kopp/g, David Webb/key and Lorrie Singer/voc for some thoughtful and well versed tunes. Who else do you know who would pen a piece about a little known hip jazz vocalist as on “Ode for Jackie Paris”? Likewise, reflective pieces such as “When I Was A Boy” and “Music” are as soul searching as soul reflecting, which is what a song ought to do. He still knows how to spin a yarn as on “Home. (Pt 2) and the sparse accompaniment fills in the gaps like a Renoir. He’s touring around, so make sure you see him!

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