Danny Rivera/Nelson Gonzalez: Obsesion

Here’s some latin music that sounds completely unadulterated and unwatered down. Vocalist Danny Rivera joins forces with tres guitarist Nelson Gonzales on this collection of boleros that will get you either up on your feet dancing or on your knees crying. The lilting rhythm of “Usted” and the title track spotlight Rivera’s rich bel canto voice, sounding both sensuous and vulnerable. Classical guitar musings and strings meld together for an ultra romantic “El Reloj” while piano accompaniment on “Ausencia” highlight Rivera’s yearning passions. Some cabaret jazz is included when trumpet meets strings on “Cristel” and some rich violin work makes “Camanitas De Cristal” a folksy delight. You’ll feel like you’re walking from café’ to café’ around 1 in the morning on this rich anthology of Latin Love.

Marmara House Projects


1 comment for “Danny Rivera/Nelson Gonzalez: Obsesion

  1. mrjibaro
    April 26, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Buena selección de canciones, Nelson es magnifico, la voz de Danny suena floja y desafinada. La calidad de la grabación es pobre.

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