Carl Palmer: Decade-10th Anniversary

One of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Carl Palmer is still alive, well and hitting the sticks like he’s trying to prove something in this hard hitting concert show from 2011 that has him going back to the Progressive Rock Power Trio days of ELP. Along with Paul Bielaloowicz/g and Simon Fitzpatrick/b, Palmer revisits and reworks material that filled stadiums and arenas and mixed jazz, classical and rock more successfully than just about anyone this side of Yes.

The hand is definitely quicker than the eye on takes of the rollicking “Hoedown,” while lyricism reigns supreme on “Fanfare for the Common Man.” Still riveting after all these years, Palmer slowly undulates on the tension building “Abadon’s Bolero” while having a bangup time on the celebratory “Nutrocker.” Palmer celebrates a style of drumming, muscular, masculine, frenetic yet swinging, that has been lost on today’s players that seem to suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Get a look at the real deal!

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