VILLAGE VANGUARD ’61 ? Jon Di Fiore: Yellow Petals

If I didn’t know who the musicians were on this session, I would have thought that maybe the classic trio of Bill Evans, Paul Motian and Scott LaFaro had never been broken up, they were all still alive, and this is how they would sound 40-50 years after their seminal Vanguard sessions. But, instead, I find out that we have drummer Jon Di Fiore leading a simpatico trio with Adrian Moring/b and Billy Test/p through a collection of originals that exude lyricism, melody and symbiotic conversations.

Material such as “Demise” and “Live For Tomorrow, Forget Today” display some luscious and romantic melodicism emanating from Test’s fingers, and Di Fiore provides just the right amount of forward propelling with cymbals, sticks, brushes and traps to create both progress and environment. “Silver” is part free improvisation, part conversant lyrics as the three pass secret messages to each other, while “Shotgun House” veers between cumulus clouds of fluffiness to cirrus clouds of breeze. “Companion” gently undulates like a sunset tide, while the closing title track closes the album with a reflective sigh. A rare mix of telepathy without cacophony; this is a disc to cherish.

Third Freedom Music

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