THE REAL DELTA BLUES…Tiecoro Sissoko: Keme Borama

The roots of the blues is not in the delta of Louisiana, but maybe closer to the Niger river in Mali. From ther, you have guitarist/vocalist Tiecoro Sissoko, kora (sort of an African sitaer)master Madouba Camara and Djeli N’goni (percussionist) Adama Tounkara delivering some folk music that mixes sounds from the back porch of the south to tones of Western Africa. There’s a lilt that dances on “Keme Borama” or “Haidara Sirifo” that is infectious, while strings mix to create an exotic texture on “Fatou” and “Instrumental.” Sissoko’s voice is rich and sandied, and he can make it go high pitched as on “Sa Funke” or gravelly deep as displayed on”Jaora Konya Donkili.” Earthy, unpretentious and attractive in its simplicity, this is a collection of sounds and moods that will draw you into the allure of an exotic country.

Kanaga System

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