REAL WOMEN REALLY SINGING…Carol Fredette: No Sad Songs For Me, Rebecca DuMaine & The Dave Miller Trio: Better Than Anything

My biggest pet peeve about the plethora of female singers is that they all sound like either Diana Krall or Norah Jones wannabes. Here are a couple that sound comfortable in their own sound and their own skins as they give tributes to standards.

Carol Fredette has a rich and husky voice, and focuses on expression and mood with a snappy and flexible team. A rotating piano bench of Dario Eskanazi/Helio Alves and Andy Ezrin teams up with David Finck/b, Kevin Winard/dr, Bob Mann/g, David Man/woodwinds, Tony Kadleck/tp and Michael Davis/tb for lively standards and samba. Her delivery on pieces such as “Dancing in the Dark” and “To Love and Be Loved” sound like they are from a woman who has experienced the highs and lows of the men in her life, while a joyful bounce on “Double Rainbow” and “The Best Thing For You” exposes an attractive optimism. Well done.

Rebecca DuMaine has a pristine clarity and enunciation that shows a respect for the lyrics she delivers. Her perky mezzo soprano voice works well on tricky pieces such as “Better Than Anything” with syllable getting proper respect. She also knows how to play with a melody, as she sashays around with “No More Blues” and “I Just Found Out About Love” like a tap dancer. Dave Miller’s piano along with Mario Suraci/b and Bill Belasco/dr provide hand in glove support and flexibility on pieces like “Oh Look at Me Now” and “Lucky to Be Me.” As fresh as crisp romaine lettuce.

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