Beata Pater: Golden Lady

If you’re wanting something less like Diana Krall, and more like Betty Carter, look no further than Beata Pater. This latest release has her with the Spartan accompaniment of Hiromu Aoli/p and Buca Necak/b, and they both do a yeoman’s job of creating either incessant rhythms or impressionistic backdrops. Penetrating chords create a foundation for Pater’s cabaret style on “Wild is the Wind” while “The Day It Rained” is a lonely balled with sparse and vulnerable drapery. She takes lyrics and stretches them like an elastic band, toying with them on “Turned to Blue” or “If You Went Away.” With dripping bass and drums she goes in and out of time on the dripping title tune, and aches on “This Is All I Ask.” Highly emotional without histrionics-a rare breed these days.

B&B Records

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