THE ANSWER TO BUBLE’…Tony Desare: Piano

It’s guys like Tony DeSare that confirm my conviction that MICHAEL BUBLE’ IS A MAJOR POSER! There, I feel so much better now.

Tony DeSare has been making an impressive catalogue that shows off his warm and rich vocals, his impeccable song selection and swinging jazz piano chops. What’s more, he writes his own stuff once in awhile, and it’s really good! This time out, he gets quite creative, as while it’s technically just him and the piano doing originals and covers, he uses the piano (and various parts of it inside and out) for up to 60 multi-tracks to make it sound like he’s accompanied by everything from a drummer to harpsichordist. Just on the technical side alone, this disc deserves accolades, but what’s so attractive about this disc is that you don’t even notice the genius of the sounds unless it’s pointed out to you. “A Lot To Say” has him in a danceable beat, while “You Give Love A Bad Name” has a big drum of a backing. He shows his sensitive side on the solo take of “Autumn Leaves” while even a tune by Journey, “Faithfully” sounds like it was made for the crooner. His own tunes such as “New Orleans  Tango” and “Nothing Left to Say” reek with cleverness and wit, as well as being catchy melodies, while he takes Irving Berlin’s “I Love A Piano” and brings “Rhapsody In Blue” into the mix making you feel that’s all you now need is James Cagney doing George M. Cohan. This guy is a kicker!!!

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