Shirish Korde: Ka

A mixture of Central Asia and the Western Hemisphere come into play her as Deepti Navaratna/voc-sit, Jan Muller-Szeraws/cello, Amit Kavthekar/tab and The Boston Musica Viva coalesce for a handful of creative sounds and visions. Szeraws’ brooding cello creates a wondrously mysterious atmosphere for Navaratna’s passionate vocals on ‘Anusvara” while thoughtful percussion supports a luminously wonderment on the title track. The mixing of strings, sitar and  percussion work best on the melding of worldviews on the intriguing “Jhire Mire” and “Durga Shloka.” The tradition of India folk music is served well and respectfully, and melds with Western sounds without a hint of compromise.

Svarasa Records

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