****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Taylor Haskins: Fuzzy Logic

Here is an successfully adventurous session lead by Taylor Haskins that mixes a post bop quartet of himself on trumpet, melodic and flute along with Ben Monder, Kermit Driscoll/b and Jeff Hirshfield. The genius is in his adding a string trio of Joyce Hammann/v, Lois Martin/vla and Jody Redhage/cel to add nuance, texture and ebullience to each theme. Flute and trumpet meld with undulating strings on the gentle “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled,” while film noirish strings create brooding sepia shadows on “Four Moons.” Dreamy thoughts are sensed on the longing “Perspective” while hints of Asia are delivered by the strings on “Too Far.” The strings also serve as a part of the rhythm section at times, gently charging the pulse forward under Haskin’s trumpet on “I Believe In You’ as the closing “Take it With Me” teams melodic with fragrant strings. This is a disc that takes you on sonic journeys well considered.

Sunnyside Records


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