Peter Kerlin Octet: Salamander

Bassist/composer Peter Kerlin leads a rotating octet consisting of vibes (Sam Sowyrda, Cesare Patetti), Viola (Amy Cimini, Jessica Pavone, Karen Waltuch), bass (Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, Brent Cordero), Organ/Wurlitzter (Emily Manzo) and drums/percussion (Mike Pride, Charles Burst). The songs themselves lean towards the genre of jazz rock, with strong bass and drum tempos on the likes of  “Bulbs” that include romantic stringed melodies and solos. Brooding and melancholy material such as “Snake Eats Electric Blanket” and “Cenozoan Warp” set the tone for many of the pieces, as they start slowly and gently build up in a jam session type of atmosphere, as if a flower were slowly unveiling its pedals. This is taken to its limit on the almost 14 minute “Ballad of the Bewildered Herd” which slowly undulates and draws out like the sun peaking over a mountain crest. Wonderous sounds that mix atmosphere with grooves.

Innova Records

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