Jeff Saxon: Blujanova

Here’s a guy with a style that used to be ubiquitous, but is now about as rare as double platoon football players. Jeff Saxon plays guitar, bass, piano, organ and also sings along with Chet McCraken/dr, perc, McGregor/key-b-dr, Keith Jones/b-dr and other guests on an adult pop disc that mixes jazz that is smooth (as opposed to “smooth jazz”) adult soul and pop in a way I thought had been lost since Kenny Rankin died. He’s got an earthy voice, sort of a white version of Bill Withers, and makes it work with acoustic guitar’d rhythms on latin pieces such as “Bye-Bye Blues” and Brazilian treats such as “ Bossa Nova Boy” and “Trust in Love.” He does some clever mellow tweaks with “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and even makes “Hound Dog” work in this style, while “Riders on the Storm” is James Taylor-laid back. A nice solo guitar makes the closing “Waiting For Lily” a cozy finish to a smart and intelligent easy listening session.

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