BiG BAND SOUNDS FOR THE 21st CENTURY…M13: 1 Human, Too Human

M13, named for the membership of the big band being 13, is a Chicago based band that is lead by saxophonist/arranger Aaron McEvers. There are essentially dtow closely related but different bands that split the material which is a mix of mainstream big band jazz but with a touch of what used to be called “fusion” or “jazz rock”. Elements of a rock groove and beat are in evidence, but never overwhelming that brass harmonies on “The Juggernaut” while synthesizers  and electronic keyboards supply backgrounds and solo musings on the multi layered title track. Someexciting soprano sax soloing veers in, around and through multiple moods on the thoughtfully driving “Footprints,” and a dramatic fanfare is like a clarion call on “March to High Cromlech.” Alluring sounds from keyboards and flute are floating around on “Through” and a loping gallop makes “Nick’s Tune” an exciting ride. A mix of acoustic and electric display a foot in the tradition with an eye looking forward.

Blue Jazz Records

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