Shlomi Cohen: Breather

If you like your Mediterranean sounds on the smooth side, saxist Shlomi Cohen delivers the goods here on this session that mixes old with the new. Some traditional material ranging from Greek (“Miserlou”) to Israeli (“Eli Ata”) features warm, fluffy and clear sounds from the leader that give hints of Kenny G, while the supporting team of Eran Asias/dr, Panagiotis Andreau/b, Oz Noy/g and Eldad Zitrin/key provide rich textures as well as exotic grooves. Some of the drumming is synthesized and programmed, which is a matter of taste, but material by Abie Rotenberg (“Ani Maamin”, “Achenu”) mix American pop with easy listening jazz with a deftness that is gentle on the ears, but still making the toes tap. You can listen to these tunes, or join the line and start kicking your heels.

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