Rich Rosenthal: Falling Up

As guitarist/leader Rich Rosenthal states in the liner notes, “The music you are about to hear is no Easy Listening.” Truth in advertising is always a good sign-Rosenthall teams up with Joe Girdullo/sax, Craig Nixon/b and Matt Crane/dr for a collection of intricate and edgy originals. Some wondrously eerie tones create a moody pastoral scene on “Airing Out” while some thunderous cacophony bounces around your ears on the 11+ minute “Eternal Meltdown.” The mix of guitar and soprano sax melds together quite well on the complex “Powder Hysteria” as well as the lonely title track, while “Wee Sneezaww” rocks like a heavy metal band for about 10 minutes. Energy is mixed with experimentation here with some rewarding as well as bewildering results.

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