Theresa Grayson: Live 2 Love

Blame it on my lack of youth, but whenever I get a “smooth” jazz disc of a female musician better looking than 90% of the women at the jazz clubs I visit, I get a little bit suspicious of either the talent or marketing of the artist. Gotta say, though that the image and genre is smooth as silk, Theresa Grayson can play the tenor, soprano, flute and even sing on this disc of rhythmic soul-jazz pieces with an impressive authority. Her soprano on  “More Pressure” is bold, while going a bit Kenny G-ish on “Spend My Life.” Some nicemellow guitar work frames “Sarah Smile,” and a nice R&B groove has her ride the crest of the wave on “Afterthoughts.” She gives “Natural Woman” an impressive gospel flavor, and goes for the synth machines on “Tonight” and “Moves Like Jagger” With the former spotlighting impressive vocals. Not a bad way to spend an hour!

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