Tatiana Parra & Vardan Ovsepian@The Blue Whale 12.29.13

Pianist/composer Vardan Ovsepian regularly performs locally and is making waves not only as a solo pianist but as a creator of some intriguing chamber jazz. His latest foray may be his most successful, as he has found a singing partner who serves as a perfect foil and complement. Brazilian vocalist Tatiana Parra, celebrating her 20th day here in LA, displayed a porcelain-clear voice, passionate delivery and deft timing as she teamed up with Ovsepian for a collection of originals and Brazilian tunes from contemporary composers.

Like dance  partners, Parra and Ovsepian moved through a lyrical and thoughtful pieces such as “Sonho Expresso”, with the singer expressively delivering the lyrics with pathos and  passion. Ovsepian’s own pieces such as “Louvers,” and “Cantilever” featured Parra doing wondrous things with wordless vocals while Ovsepian displayed Lisztian intricacies on the complex, sophisticated and luminously melancholy harmonies. The mix of Ovsepian’s Eastern European moods and melodies and Parra’s sensual and buoyant rhythms on a song such as “Olha Maria” was like watching a ping pong ball brightly bounce along a winding cobblestone road, with Parra’s enthusiastic voice skipping along over Ovsepian’s contemplative chords. By the time they closed with the evocative “Trompe l’oeil” the duo showed that there is life in Brazil besides sambas and walks along the beaches of Ipanema. Can’t wait for the album to come out!


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