SAX MEN…Joakim Berghall: Dialogues I, Scott Jeppesen: El Guapo

Here are two reedmen that are trying to create a whole new sound and style of their own. Pay attention!
Joakim Berghall plays soprano, alto, tenor and bari here on this collection of originals. What is creative here is that he employs ten different pianists for a Decalogue of duets. The personal touch of each accompanist is quite interesting, ranging from passionate Aki Rissanen on “Bamboozle!” to dainty and lonely Samuli Mikkonen on” Yksiossa.” On the rumbling “Cascabel” Berghall contrasts with the  piano with some declarative sounds, while he flutters his tenor against Antti Kujanpaa’s mystical mood on “Plskabeat.” Fascinating conversations abound all throughout this highly personal album.

 Saxist Scott Jeppesen joings together with Larry Koonse/g, Josh Nelson/key, Dave Robair/b and Dan Schnelle/dr  for some intriguing post bop material. He has a rich dark tone on the lonely “Elm” and can also gallop like a stallion as on the title track. Trumpeter John Daversa  joins in on the murky and dark “Great Odin’s Raven,” while the mood gets brighter on “Maybe Later.” Some slapped tongue work has Jeppesen closing the disc on “Don’t Fence Me In” showing that this guy doesn’t worry about genres as much as sounds.

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