The Wee Trio: Live at the Bistro

This unorthodox trio of vibes (James Westfall) bass (Dan Loomis) and drums (Jared Schonig) works amazingly well together in this cohesive yet explorative set before an appreciative crowd at the Bistro in February of this year. The trio works as a complete team, and uses a repertoire that ranges from Tin Pan Alley to standards to modern rock, and make it all work like a seamless tapestry.

A take of “Cherokee,” for example has the tune going through a variety of moods, at one moment a mellow mood and then plunging into the more expected test of chops. A take of a David Bowie tune has some incessant vibes and drums veering around the lighthearted theme. The pieces from the band’s own pen are particularly successful, with a hip little loping groove on “Tig Mack” and feisty marimbas carving a path on “Space Jugglers.” Since it’s a live gig, there’s time to stretch out and solo, or get a spotlight for each guy, which just adds to the atmosphere. These guys do a lot with very little!

Bionic Records

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