Ralph Towner/Wolfgang Muthspiel/Slava Grigoryan: Travel Guide

Three great masters of the frets, from three different parts of the world; US, Austria and Kazakhstan. Three different styles of playing; jazz, classical and somewhere in between. You’ve got classical guitar, 12 string guitar, baritone guitar, electric guitar and even a little voice. What brings it all together is a tremendous amount of lyricism, sensitive listening, inherent melody and kindred souls to create one of the most sublime sessions in recent memory. Start with “The Henrysons” and just dig into the beautiful interplay and gracious support that each artist submits to the other. The melding of classical strings and electric jazz on “Duende” and “Father Time” is like two generations playing backgammon together, examining each other’s moves. Delicate without being fragile, this is music for a lifetime of listening pleasures.

ECM Records


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