Griffith Hiltz Trio: This is What You Get

Here’s an intriguing combo-a trio with reeds (Johnny Griffith), electric guitar and bass pedals (Nathan Hiltz) and a drummer (Sly Juhas) to keep it all together for the ten original songs. The thing that’s interesting about this band is that though the setup is unorthodox, the sound is reminiscent of early 60s rock bands, back when pop was comfortable with jazz voicings. A bit of surf grunge pops up on “Strawman” with some driving tenor work, while fun loving shark suit swing is delivered on “For Otis.” The sleek stops and starts and gentle cymbal work on “MGM’ is carefree, while Eastern European chords harken to vintage Gabor Szabo on “Bone Arm.” Chimey guitars and a brooding bass clarinet make “The Rainbow Connection” intriguing, while a graceful alto on “Port Hillford Railway” is caressed by soft and clear guitar chords.  Fun, but well thought out.

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