Nicky Schrire: Space and Time

Here’s an artsy folk singer that mixes a pre-swing era feel with a haungingly crystalline voice. Nicky Schrire combines originals with covers in a trio of piano duets with Fabian Almazan, Gerald Calyton and Gil Goldstein.  On covers, she brings a long acapella intro to “Someone to Watch Over Me” that slowly allows Goldstein to flow in like an evening tide; a slowly undulating collection of voices coalesce to a graceful and intimate “Here Comes the Sun” and Almazan’s lanquid  piano sets the stage for a dreamy “Say It Isn’t So.” Pianistic droplets of rain frame a “Teardrop” that Shrire delivers like a  poem, and she goes cheery and buoyant over “A Song for A Simple Time” . What’s most enjoyable about this simple concept and delivery is that Schrire mixes a feel of something fresh with something tried and true, making you feel both comfortable yet gently nudged forward. A real treat!


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