Ceelo Green: Loberace Live In Vegas

Want your intelligence insulted? Pop in this dvd of Ceelo Green “performing” an act in Vegas. Every negative stereotype of Vegas, Black entertainment and exploitation you could ever imagine or wouldn’t want to imagine is portrayed here. How about a “Boy George Medley” ? Exactly. The singer, spewing out swear words in order to sound like he’s “relevant,” is more like a misogynist pimp as he has scores of scantily clad bimbos dance around him like it’s a Gentleman’s Club. Anyone who has a daughter or sister would want to smack this guy sideways, and anyone with a respect for religion would throw tomatoes at the guy for mocking a church service during “Storm’s Coming.” All you can do is feel sorry for these shallow people and pray for their souls. People actually paid to see this? Is this what hell is going to be like? Whew, I need a shower after this one to clean myself off!

Eagle Vision dvd


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