Rob Mosher: Polebridge

Here’s a fun one for ya: Rob Mosher brings together an ensemble called Polebridge which includes the intriguing combo of Micha Killion/tp, John marcus/v, StephanieMilles/key, Andrew Small/b-fid and along with his soprano sax, clarinet and English horn, the band goes from hoedown ditties like “Pass The Bread Around” to Schubertain chamber sounds on “Marigold” with even a bit of abstraction on the three “Sketches” for good measure. The mix of clarinet, bass and trumpet on “Rango’s Tango” is an absolute delight, and the melding of B3 behind the horns on “Didn’t Ask” is sublimely pastoral. Bowed fiddles on “North By Northwest” create a wondrous mood for Nilles’ piano, and Mosher on the reeds is warm and cuddly, particularly on “Around the Bend.” Grab a  partner!

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