Ken Peplowski: Maybe September

During the early days of his career, Ken Peplowski played his clarinet in big bands lead by Benny Goodman. At this stage in his career, he may not be the King of Swing, but he’s got a tone and delivery that his ex boss would be proud of. Obscurities like Irving Berlin’s “All Alone by the Telephone” and even Lennon and McCartney’s “For No One” are brought to life with Peplowski’s warmer than mittens tone. He mixes and matches with his band of Ted Rosenthal/p, Martin Wind/b and Matt Wilson/dr doing a couple duets with the bassist that create a wonderful intimate mood. His take of Poulenc’s “Romanza” is jaw dropping, and feels comfortable on the same page with Harry Nilsson’s “Without Her.”

He’s no slouch on the tenor either, rivaling Herschal Evans for a warm tone. He gets feisty with Wilson on “Always A Bridesmaid” and fills the room like a smoke machine on Ellington’s “Main Stem.”  Peps’ selection of material, just like his choice of notes, is above reproach.

Capri Records

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