****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Jimmy Amadie Trio: Live! At the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Fighter in and out of the ring (he’s battling Cancer), pianist Jimmy Amadie performs where Rocky Balboa made his famous run up the steps, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This rare glimpse to catch the Philly legend was recorded in October of 2011, and along with Tony Marino/b and Bill Goodwin/dr, he re-asserts himself as a charter member of the GIPP (Genetically Incapable of Playing Poorly) association. He delivers a solo intro to “My Funny Valentine” that makes you almost disappointed that the teammates join in, but with guys like Marino and Goodwin, you ain’t exactly slumming. Likewise versions of “There is No Greater Love” and “This Can’t Be Love” skate as smoothly as Sonje Heni; “On Green Dolphin Street” and “All The Things You Are” aptly display the assertive side of life, while Amadie’s fingers buoyantly bouncing over the white caps supplied by bass and drums. A trio date worth preserving!

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