Harvie S with Kenny Barron: Witchcraft

Do you want to know what class sounds like? Give this session a listen. Bassist Harvie S hires the velvety hands of Kenny Barron for a sublime collection of duets. Sure, it’s Harvie’s gig, but try telling that to the guy who was Stan Getz’s sideman for years! S’s melodic and temperate bass skates like Sonja Henie while Barron dances like Astaire on graceful tunes like “Deep Night” and “Witchcraft.” They pull an obscure Ellington piece such as “Wig Wise” and make you wonder why you’ve never heard it before as they play with it like a cat with a ball of string. Deodato’s “Juan’s Theme” demonstrates how flowing improvisation can have an almost telepathic quality when in the right hands, and you’ve got it here. Stevie Wonder’s “Creepin’” gets into a nice groove and S shows what he can do with an upright in a way that make you wish you could see it in concert. If these guys do a road trip, follow them everywhere!

Savant Records


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