Eugenie Jones: Black Lace Blue Tears

Here’s a warm toned vocalist that shows an excellent hand at composing as well. Eugenia Jones, joined with Bill Anschell/p, Clipper Anderson/b, Mark Ivester/dr and Michael Powers/g delivers an album of impressive maturity. Her reading of standards like “Take Five” and “My Funny Valentine” prove that she has a flexible delivery, but her own songs come across even more attractive. A funny “In a Shot of Teaquila or Two” she mixes and matches English, Spanish and French as if she had too good a time, while “So Hard to Find” and the title track have her looking for love with a vulnerable heart. Finally, a woman addresses the issue of modern day man’s wimpiness, as she complains about being dumped via a text message, something many ladies can identify with, while “Sat’day Night Blues” has her recovered and ready for a good night out. Nice windup, delivery and followthrough!

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