Cynthia Sayer: Joyride

How happy do you want your music? Well, 4 string banjoist Cynthia Sayer is going to wipe that frown off your face. She strums, picks and glides and sings with a working team  of Charlie Girodano/acc, Mauro Battisti/b and Larry Eagle/perc along with a rotating team of strings and horns. She gets the band sounding New Orleanish on the bumpy  “Under the Bamboo Tree” and “Ella Miriam’s Blues” while a take of “Good Goody” is slowed down to a more maliciously timed mood.  Music that sounds like it’s a fun day at the Sunday picnic are enjoyed on “Getting to Know You,” while her hot chops are on display on a thrilling take of “I Love Paris.”  She even will make you want to take a partner and tango on the hot’cha “El Irresistible.” What more do you want out of a girl with a banjo on her knee?

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