John Scofield: Uberjam Deux

Well, a ten year gap between projects isn’t too bad these days! Guitarist John Scofield’s been busy with Gospel, funk, ballads and straightahead material his past few releases, so a little return to well known pastures is good for the soul. Once again, Scofield delves into R&B, Afro Beat and reggae, and his guitar sounds hauntingly like Albert King’s at times as he slices through the acoustic and electronic grooves. “Camelus” and “ Snake Dance” are  prototypical Afro grooves that Scofield dances over, while “Boogie Stupid” is a hot little fusion number.  John Medeski brings his keyboard for a Memphis sounding “Al Green Song” while the rhythm chords supplied by Avi on “I Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely” are vintage 70s soul. It’s startling how comfortable Scofield sits in with this setting. The music can be enjoyed by dancers or guitar freaks, no easy feat!

Decca/Legacy Records

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