Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros: AION

Accompanied by a team of Nicola Spolidoro (guitar), Leonardo “Brawl” (bass), André Lucciano (drums) and Lúcio Chachamovich (acoustic guitar), Marcelo Fruet and Os Cozinheiros bring together the warmth of Brazilian sounds and rhythms with the angst of modern indie pop. Except for “Song For Tom,” and “Land of Moons” all of the lyrics are in Portuguese, while the modernity of the instruments and vocal delivery by Fruet is more Generation Y. The thing that makes this music rise above the fray of this genre is the simple Southern Hemispheric warmth that permeates the simple arrangements. While not exactly a bossa nova, the incessant lilt of the songs like “Minha” and “A Idado do Lobo” mix a simple collection of ingredients to create a fresh aromatic environment. Charming modern pop.

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