Kyle Eastwood: The View From Here

If you want your jazz with no frills or gimmicks, yet not sounding like it’s dependant on yesterday’s stars, give bassist/composer Kyle Eastwood and his touring band a listen. He’s put out a remarkable catalogue of releases, and his gigs are always impressive. He’s here with his team of Graeme Blevens/ts-ss, Quentin Collins/tp-fh, Martyn Kaine/dr and Andrew McCormack/p and they play like a true group of compatriots on this collection of originals.

The songs all contain a foundation of a relentless groove, be it propulsive (“From Rio to Havana”), bluesy (“For M.E”) or lazily bopping as on the title track.  The rhythm team works like the Whitaker-Trammell double play team; airtight and symbiotic as on “The Way Home,” while the front line uses itself as a framework for the theme or as an encouraging coach on the sidelines while McCormick or Eastwood lay down some improvising. Blevins’ tenor is filled with thick smoke, which caresses “The Way Home” and Route de la Buissonne” and his soprano glides like an eagle on “The  Promise.” Collins blooms on the moody Luxor, but it’s really the sum of the parts that makes this such a winning team. Look for this guy, and make your day.

JazzVillage Records

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