CALLIN’ OUT AROUND THE WORLD! Martha Reeves & The Vandellas: 50th Anniversary The Singles Collection 1962-1972

Even if you’re a Motown fanatic who thinks he has EVERYTHING Berry Gordy ever blessed, this 3 cd set is going to get your attention. Of course, the attraction is having all of those wonderful singles like “Jimmy Mack,” “Nowhere to Run” and “Heat Wave” with the exciting voice of Martha Reeves and the patented Funk Brothers with James Jamerson on the bass thumping away. But what is going to get your temperature rising is a whole cds worth of previously unreleased tracks. There’s a single “I Can’t Dance to that Music You’re Playing” that has Syreeta Wright in the chorus. Interested yet? Also contributions by Stevie Wonder, Ashford & Simpson and a pre-Corporation Deke Richards work their way onto this treasure chest. Ringers like a Spanish version of “Jimmy Mack” and alternate versions or mixes of material you’re familiar with are definitely worth a listen or two. Something for every fan of the Detroit sound, when the best music was also the most popular

Hip O-Select Records

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