TIMELESS & TASTY-John Pisano and Billy Bean: Makin’ It & Take Your Pick

John Pisano is a living legend here in LA, but for some reason, he’s never become a household name. For the past few decades, he’s had a Tuesday Guitar Night at local venues where guest 6 stringers come to jam, but before that he was a member of Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66  as well as the go-to studio guy for the likes of Tony Bennett. Here, you’ve got two 1958 sessions with fellow guitarist Billy Bean and they mix and match with various Angelenos such as Chico Hamilton-Larry Bunker/dr, Paul Horn-Abe Most/reeds, Gene Estes/vibes and Calvin Jackson/p along with cameo appearances by others. The two axes mix it up on some nice jamming material like “Billy’s Beanery” and “Pixie,” as well showing some gorgeous taste on material like “Ill Wind” which features marvelous strings and flute. Some brass adds heft on “Linger Awhile” and “Little Old Lady” just as Mozartian moods climb into the studio on “Pastorale.” The songs all clock in around 3-4 minutes; simple succinct bundles of joy that has aged like a French wine. Stunning!


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