If this is a debut, then it’s kind of scary where Jussi Reijonen and his career may end up on the trajectory.  This Finnish composer/musician plays oud, guitar and fretless guitar in a variety of formats and moods, ranging from spacious and melancholy duets to luminous and atmospheric small band pieces. Of the former, his fretless guitar with bassist Bruno Raberg on “Nuku Sie” features a mysterious, nocturnal and brooding interplay of strings while with percussionist Tareq Rantisi he uses his fretted guitar to meld together some pensive ruminations and understated phrases that creep into your subconscious. A take of Coltrane’s “Naima” with piano, bass and percussion creating an evening’s caravan of rhythm while his fretless guitar dances over the atmosphere like a breezy sandstorm. His oud on “Serpintine” coalesces mid-east sunsets with flavorful jazz, whereas “Bayatiful” melds Oriental and Occidental graces and caressing percussions. A fascinating collection of sounds, cultures and nuances.


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