Vandana Vishwas: Monologues

Subtitled “A Bouquet of Indian Melodies,” this recording features composer and vocalist Vandana Vishwas delivering nine originals that mix Southern Asian sounds and flavors with a hint of Western rhythms to make the palate a bit more accessible. Her voice has a sweet nasally sound  which works charmingly well on the traditional tunes such as “Raa Nihaaron” that include sitars and percussions. A lovely harp permeates the air on the folksie “Aaye Zubaan Pe” while some Western guitar mixes well with her deeper vocal  penetrations on “Kaash -1”. Some exciting table work coalesces with an electric bass and flue on “Des Se Door” while a lyrical piano on “ Dil –E-Naadaan” dances with the vocalist. Definitely a mild curry flavor here for the uninitiated.

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